Public album is a new photo sharing website

The Public album website has a special new service for photo sharing now. It is a tool for presenting photos in a way that combines the approach of a gallery and a blog – a great choice for creating travelogues, visual guides, commercial presentations, presenting your hobby work and much more..

All your photos that you want to present to others can now be logically classified into “stories” with detailed descriptions. The public album tries to combine the features of a photo gallery and a blog.

Preview of my Public album profile with stories.
Preview of my profile with published albums – stories.

Why new photo sharing website?

There are many popular photo sharing websites. I really like to use Google Photos, which I often write about here in connection with my tool for embedding Google Photos photos on a website.

What I miss is a service that would fill the gap between a photo gallery, a blog and social networks. I will try to approach my idea.

Photo gallery vs Blog

On one side are photo galleries – photo sharing service, and on the other side are blogs. There is a big difference between a photo gallery and a blog at the first look, but they have a lot in common.

I perceive the photo gallery as an excellent tool for sharing travel experiences, instructions, professional or hobby work and much more. There is often a lack of sufficient accompanying commentary and other explanatory elements – links, etc. In many cases, this is very insufficient.

The blog is the opposite extreme, where text predominates in image form. Blogging is a very difficult and boring way to present your work to many people today, because it is a lot of text that and in many cases is not even necessary.

I tried to connect these two things into single service and add something extra.

Photoblog – publish all photos in one place

The main advantages of the Public Album sharing photos website are listed in the following points:

  • Each album (story) contains a structured gallery with captions and descriptions – you can create something like a photo report or just a clean gallery with photos.
  • Albums (stories) are grouped in one profile – the profile has its own public address and is public.
  • Posts – photos and albums are public and you can share them with anyone using well-arranged urls or sharing tools.
  • It’s a search engine friendly. Posts are indexable by Google and others.
  • Opportunity to influence the development of this photo sharing service, becouse it is a new young project.
Photoblog story from my Iceland trip in `16.
…and this is what your post might look like – a gallery with a description. See example.

Album Maker” is now available, where you can create and edit stories.

Create a profile and start sharing your stories with the Public album photo sharing website.

I will be happy for your feedback and suggestions for improvement.
Feel free to contact me.

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