Embed Google Photos image into website

How to get and embed single image from Google Photos?

Google photos not support use image link direcly. You can use some way to share it with Google Drive, but if you need single file you must extract file url manualy. Here are two ways to do this.

1) Manualy extracting url

First way is manulay exract with browser.

Select photo whitch you want to embed in Google Photos. Share this image throught sharing link. Inspect code of sharing page by Code Inspector in Google Chrome. Find element with image and copy image url manualy. Url insert into your code.

2) Extract with tool

Another way is use this tool. First, you need sharing link of photo. This step is a same as in first case.

Sharing link copy and paste into input in this page and press then “Get image url„ button.

If the sharing link is correct, you’ll get a link to the image. You can then use the link in your blog or paste it into the desired UI component.

How to customize dimmensions of image

If you need to define specific image dimmensions, you can add parameter at end of url. Or define width and height in form to attach. Here is a example:


This means that image resized to specific maximal size 1920×1080.

Just part of the parameter like =w1920 or =h1080 to set only max-width or max-height.

Good to known.

Please keep in mind that the image link you get is directly linked to Google Photos, so all traffic is directly linked to Google Photos.

If you need to permanently delete a shared link, turn off the photo sharing directly on Google Photos to make it useless anywhere.

Album sharing

If you want to embed Google Photos album completely and use gallery preview with carousel, autoplay and with another features, you can use another my tool.

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