How to embed Google Photos album using application

The Google photos embed tool has been around for a long time and I believe many of you find it useful.

I decided to integrate the Google Photos gallery embedder into the online bookmark manager Reabr. It is a very interesting and progressively developing application with a number of interesting features.

In this post I will describe the Reabr application and the Google photo embedding extension option. Reabr is an online organizer of your resources on the Internet. Reabr is a new project still under development. Now is public to use for everyone. It has great potential with many features.

Some basic information about the Reabr online booking manager can be found in the introductory post of the project – Let`s get started.

How to add Google photos album link to Reabr

I’m going to show you a short tutorial on how to use the Embed Tool in Reabr.

First of all, you will need to sign in to Reabr with your Google account.

Existing embedding tools, and Reabr too, not require access to your Google photos. They use only the public parts of the photosets. First share your album and use the share link.

5 simple steps to insert a shared album

1) First, go to the main page and click “Sign-in” or “Get started“. The application will prompt you to log in. If you are a new user, a short introduction to the Reabr desktop will follow.

Reabr online booking manager homepage with “Sign-in” button

2) Select the “Add bookmark” button in the top menu. With this button, you can insert any link to a web page into the Board. You can set the boards as you like in the right part. You can create a hierarchy that suits you. E.g. “Google Photos”, “Public Albums”. or anything else.

Default boards, “Add bookmark” button to add new link into the board

3) The most important thing is to insert the link into the selected board.

Use a link to a shared Goolge Photos album. The link can be inserted automatically if it is saved in the clipboard. Click the “Add” button to add a page link to two boards.

Insert url to shared Google photos album and Add it into the board.

4) Now the link is added. You can see it in your selected board. Each “bookmark” link has its own menu – three dots button.

In the expanded popup menu, you will see an item for management. You can copy it, move it across boards or remove it.

In the case of a link to a shared google photo album, you will now see the “Embed gallery” button.

Each entry item has a popup menu with tools.

5) After clicking the button, a dialog will appear containing a tool, similar to the one you know from the page.

Google photos embeding tool

More improvements to the Google Photos embed tool

Migrating the gallery embedder to Reabr will bring many improvements, including adding new ways to view galleries. Better organization of links and many new functions with embedded links – sharing, organization, etc.

Reabr now is under development, promises many interesting functions for organizing links to various resources on the Internet.

I hope this brief guide will help you. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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