How to start a successful travel blog

Do you want to start sharing your travel experiences? Want to share advice and tips on where to travel? You may be thinking of starting your own successful travel blog and sharing all the information with others.

Ok, in that case, you’ve probably read many articles on how to start a successful travel blog using various content management systems – such as WordPress or others. You’ve figured out what you need to buy for services and what you need to do to get it done, and maybe a lot of things are discouraging.

I want to show you how to do it easier and faster.

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Public album is a new photo sharing website

The Public album website has a special new service for photo sharing now. It is a tool for presenting photos in a way that combines the approach of a gallery and a blog – a great choice for creating travelogues, visual guides, commercial presentations, presenting your hobby work and much more..

All your photos that you want to present to others can now be logically classified into “stories” with detailed descriptions. The public album tries to combine the features of a photo gallery and a blog.

Preview of my Public album profile with stories.
Preview of my profile with published albums – stories.
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