Google Photos can now recognize text in photos

Recognized text and object in photo
Some example of Google Vision AI result.

Google photos now contain Google Lens service natively. Some Google Lens features are available in the Google search box when listing images. You can scan whatever you like.

How to recognize text on Google photos?

  1. Select an image in Google Photos app to recognize.
  2. Tap Google lens icon on the bottom toolbar.
  3. Now Google lens process the image, recognize text in a photo and show the result at the bottom of the page.
  4. Select action, or tap magnifier to choice what do you want to do with recognized object – translate, shopping and etc.

It’s easy and intuitive.

The main advantage in Google photos is, no doubt, better indexing of all images in your storage. Find photos quickly and easily by keywords recognized in photos.

Power of Vision AI

Ok, Google can now recognize text in photos, but how to do it? Google lens is a smart toy that uses machine learning. Very interesting is the Vision AI, which is currently in use. Its used in practice is very wide and is available online for testing.

Personally, I see an advantage in a better automatic description of the photo, for example, that relevant keywords are associated with the photo.

The downside is the further accumulation of personal information linked with your Google account.

Derive Image Insights via ML

To learn more about what Google lens can get from yours images, try the Vision API demo. It’s fun and very interesting.

Google Photos can now recognize text in photos - result of live demo.
Vision API result of demo image.

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