C/2020 F3 Neowise comet

13. - 15. Jul, 2020

Big challenge for astrophotography. Neowise comet photographed from Brno and the nearby village Deblín.
All photos made by basic Canon 100D + Helios F2-58mm.

Brno, Wilson's park - first attempt

13. Jul, 2020

Extraordinary experience! I didn't expect the comet to be seen from downtown. The first view was through the roofs of houses.

Brno, Wilson's park

14. Jul, 2020

Same place as the day before, but two hours earlier. The conditions were much better than the day before.
I'm glad that the blue ion tail of the comet is also visible on the photos.

Midnight in Deblín

15. Jul, 2020

Last round. We went to the nearby village Deblín (500 m) to avoid light smog. The sky was no longer cloudless.
The last set of photos is stacked 50x4 seconds exposition.

See you in 6766 years :)